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Fantasy Scans
Your number one resource for hi-quality scans of your favourite fantasy movies!
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18th-Dec-2005 01:21 pm - Affiliate pimpage.
Tangled. "Cast Iron"
Hello everyone! I'm the maintainer of the new i_narnia weekly icon challenge! I'm here to pimp my community, and to invite you all to join and participate in this week's challenge. Please feel free to hop on over and join. :)

Thanks for your time.
18th-Dec-2005 01:03 pm(no subject)
Hi...i'm new, and love movies. :D
18th-Dec-2005 03:14 pm - Chronicles of Narnia
Mr. Darcy
This is the first official post of fantasy_scans! Welcome, everyone!

These two images are from Teen Vogue magazine's October 2005 issue. They will open in a new window. Please comment if you use them & no hotlinking!

Since this community is brand new, it needs a lot of pimpage! Please plug this community! :D
27th-Nov-2005 04:22 pm - Welcome!
Mr. Darcy
Welcome to Fantasy Scans! If you are wondering what this place is all about, let me tell you. This is a community where you may post your own hi-quality scans of your favourite fantasy movies. No, not regular ole pictures, but ones you have found in magazines, official movie books, etc. that you have scanned & would like to share with other fans.
Before you join, make sure you have read the rules!
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