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Fantasy Scans

Your number one resource for hi-quality scans of your favourite fantasy movies!

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Welcome to Fantasy Scans! If you are wondering what this place is all about, let me tell you. This is a community where you may post your own hi-quality scans of your favourite fantasy movies. No, not regular ole pictures, but ones you have found in magazines, official movie books, etc. that you have scanned & would like to share with other fans.


1. The images you post must be scans of pictures you found from magazines, official movie books, etc. NOT REGULAR EVERY DAY PICTURES FROM THE INTERNET!
2. By hi-quality, I mean that the images must be clear & medium to large size.
3. If your images are large, either you must have linked preview images or you must use an lj-cut!
4. For the love of all things holy, no .BMP files! They take forever to load & they are not hi-quality images. Post .JPG or .PNG files, please.
5. This is not an icon or graphic community, so I don't want to see any of those.
6. Don't hotlink to other peoples' images. Save them & upload them to Photobucket or something.
7. Do not promote your community! Only accepted affiliates may promote!

**People who break the rules will be given one warning. Break them twice & you will be removed & banned.**


lorien_maiden If you need to contact me for anything, please send an email to Malifur014[at]yahoo.com.


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